Beyond the Code: A Voyage Through Mobile Development, Web Innovation, and Career Ascension

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Beyond the Code: A Voyage Through Mobile Development, Web Innovation, and Career Ascension

Are you interested  in knowing more about mobile development? Or  do you want to know how to push your career higher in mobile development? 

Mobile development is the process of creating software applications specifically designed to run on mobile devices. Join us in this episode of Dixre Podcast as we take you through the journey beyond the codes.

Learning Mobile App Development

I learned the fundamentals like data structures and algorithms, Java 

C .net even though I don’t use them these days and some SQL.”- Abdulbasit Sadiq

As a young developer who is interested in mobile app development, you must have a good background knowledge in Java, Kotlin, Swift, and Objective C. Start from scratch, know your programming languages, the platform you want to build apps for, and learn all it takes to be a great mobile developer.

 Strategies for Staying Ahead in the Ever-Evolving Tech Industry.

I don’t even follow the trend to be honest, I try to stick with what’s in real demand, so if the company wants to use whatever framework for whatever reason because every project has its own problem context and so I try to stick to that and overall, I’m more worried about having a stronger foundation and being a stronger Problem Solver and engineer rather following the latest trend, trends will always come and go.”- Abdulbasit Sadiq

Staying ahead in the tech industry requires continuous learning i.e taking online courses that are relevant to you, practice hands-on projects, connect with people in the tech communities, join relevant forum where you can connect with developers who are more experienced than you are, have a good mentor who is willing to guide you on every step on the way, above all, trends will come and go, but what you are best in doing makes you a better developer and a great problem solver.

Challenges Every Mobile Developer is Likely to Face 

Generally in life, people come across challenges but managing and overcoming  them is what makes them better and successful in every aspect of life. For mobile developers, they are likely faced with:

1. Development Approach: You have to consider the nature of your business and future plans to decide whether to go for a hybrid or native development.

2. Device Compatibility and Screen Size: You need to make sure your mobile app works on every device and you pay close attention to the screen size, resolution and pixel densities

3. Funding & Attention: Without proper promotion to get attention, your app can quickly get lost in the  app market. 

Approach to Continuous Learning

Basically everybody has their own framework for learningSamaila Chatto Bashir

There are no specific ways of learning because everyone is unique in their own way. Some people would prefer online courses, blog posts, tech podcasts, Youtube videos etc, while some would even prefer a classroom teaching and do projects as a way of practicing all they have learnt, but at the end, know what works for you, as long as you are passionate about what you do, then you are good to go. 

Setting Benchmarks for Career Growth. 

If a fintech startup guy approaches you and you’re still in school and says, we want to make another fintech company, just please join him, just build it right now, it’s not about the money, it’s about the experience you want to get”. – Abdulbasit Sadiq

For a beginner who is looking into becoming a mobile developer, setting a career benchmark involves total commitment and skills acquisition. So don’t wait till you are done with school. Start now; one can also join  developers community, get an internship training where you can learn practically, work on free projects, build clones as personal projects, that way you are able to build your CV and get better at what you do.

Parting Advice to Someone Who  Wants to be a Software Engineer

I’m a software engineer, I’ve learned the basic skills, I’ve worked on a couple of projects and I’m looking forward to getting a remote job. What would be your advice for me, where should I start from?Samaila Chatto Bashir

Before you even start applying, try to learn some of these; communication skills, learn the best practices in building software i.e documentation, clean code; Uncle Bob has a book called clean code, try to read and practice it in your code or if  it’s too boring you can read refactoring Guru because most of the technical interviews, they will give you a take home assignment and that is if your CV gets in, because one of the hardest thing is for your CV to get in. Then you get the first interview and if they give you a technical interview, that is what they will mainly be checking and move you to the next stage. To be honest interviewing for a remote job and finding a remote job is not the easiest thing to do but it’s possible. So clean your LinkedIn profile and build your CV. Don’t apply for the best company because you have someone working with Microsoft or those big companies, start from smaller companies, and if you get any good company that seems promising and would pay you good money you can also start from there and get more experience”. – Abdulbasit Sadiq

While I’m learning and preparing for a remote job opportunity, do I have to prioritize data structures and algorithms?Samaila Chatto Bashir

You should learn data structures not for an interview, you should learn it for understanding how to really improve your problem solving skills but if you’re not too good at it, don’t worry, still apply. It’s not every company that asks for data structure and algorithms but it’s a crucial skill”. – Abdulbasit Sadiq

For insight into mobile development, this episode of Dixre Podcast would be a great place to start.

Interested in gaining more insights in technology, business, remote work, and professional networking? Then Dixre Podcast is an excellent  place for you to get started.

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