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Insights from a React Native Expert
React Native

Have you been aspiring to be a mobile app developer and need help wrapping your head around how to get started? 

This episode of the Dixre podcast is a good starting point for you.

React Native in Mobile App Development

React Native is a framework that lets you build mobile apps for both iOS and Android using just one codebase. It uses JavaScript and React to help developers create apps that perform well and look great. With features like hot reloading, you can see your changes instantly, giving you access to native components for a smoother user experience.

Using React Native is cost-effective because you don’t need separate teams for iOS and Android, which also speeds up the development process. React Native is a great tool for creating mobile apps that work well on multiple platforms.

Essential Tools For Beginners in Mobile App Development

You need to have good knowledge of JavaScript, the core concept of JavaScript and from there it will be easy an easy task  to understand mobile apps with react native

As a beginner using react native for mobile app development, i.e. you want to build an app for both iOS and Android, you must know every necessary tool to help you have a successful journey. Here are some tools to look out for;

  1. Node.js and npm (Node Package Manager)
  2. React Native CLI or Expo CLI
  3. Code Editor
  4. Android Studio / Xcode
  5. Git and GitHub
  6. Debugger Tools
  7. Emulators/Simulators and Physical Devices For testing your app
  8. Design Tools like Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD
  9. Third-party services like Firebase for backend services, analytics, and authentication.

These tools collectively support the development, debugging, testing, and deployment processes necessary for building robust React Native applications for both Android and iOS platforms.

Strategies for Mentorship as a React Native User

The best way my mentees can grab any topic, I think it’s basically if they can build a project, you know, hands-on projects where they can build stuff like let’s say an e-commerce app, a weather app, a todo list, so with this concept they can learn quickly”- Abasiono

Effective mentorship in React Native begins with mastering core concepts like View, FlatList, functional components, class components, states, and props. Hands-on practice with small projects and receiving feedback through code reviews is essential. Balancing technical prowess with soft skills such as communication and teamwork is critical, facilitated by regular feedback sessions. 

 Challenges a React Native Beginner is Likely to Face 

Some of my mentees had a poor background, some of them have no background in it or in Tech, and some who do have this basic knowledge of web development or Tech, have this imposter syndrome, where they cannot focus or put their skills into building stuff”- Abasiono

Learning React Native can be challenging for beginners. Some of these challenges include navigating its learning curve, managing differences between iOS and Android platforms, understanding state management, optimizing app performance, and setting up development environments. With persistence and practice, these challenges can be overcome, leading to proficiency in mobile app development.

How Technology is Shaping Businesses in Africa

I was approached by a client last year sometime in July or August. They wanted to build a platform where farmers can export goods but not only farmers, traders, importers, exporters and where they can export and sell their Farm produce or produce a large scale”- Abasiono

Technology across Africa is transforming industries like online shopping, finance, agriculture, healthcare, and education. It is boosting productivity, expanding access, fostering entrepreneurship, creating new economic opportunities, and driving growth.

Potential Opportunities for React Native Users

Mobile app developers have many opportunities. They can work freelance for flexibility and higher pay or get full-time jobs with steady income and benefits. They can start their own tech businesses, focus on niche markets, or become consultants. They can also teach, work on open-source projects, and explore new technologies, all offering diverse career paths and growth potential.

Steps to Follow when Building a Mobile App

So first understand the client’s needs, give them your Solutions and your suggestions then from there you build from their design and always have meetings with them, let them know what you’re doing and any information required from them can be through email or Whatsapp”- Abasiono

To complete a client’s mobile project effectively, begin by understanding their needs in detail and creating a clear proposal to avoid confusion between you and your clients. Plan meticulously, design with user experience in mind, and develop iteratively. Test rigorously, launch smoothly, and support post-launch. Regular communication and adapting to client feedback ensure a successful and satisfying project delivery.

Some Modern Trends to Consider as a React Native Beginner

Modern trends for React Native beginners include using component libraries like UI Kitten for UI consistency, integrating TypeScript for type safety, adopting advanced state management with Redux or Context API, leveraging GraphQL for efficient data handling, ensuring cross-platform compatibility, optimizing performance, exploring serverless architectures, and integrating AR/VR features for enhanced user experiences.

Parting Advice

Anyone who is interested in tech and is trying to give up on Tech, please don’t, it’s the future and you have to keep yourself updated with code and new tech. Keep coding, keep learning. You have to be proficient in what you do and know the basics and the fundamentals of whatever you are interested in learning. If it is JavaScript, try to know the core concept of JavaScript and don’t give up. You can always take breaks, distract yourself and by the time you come back you will see a solution. Also have soft skills, because they are very important as a freelancer. It’s what has really helped me in communicating and having a good relationship with my clients. It’s important to network and try to be a part of a great forum that is learning something new”-Abasiono

Interested in gaining more insights into technology, business, remote work, and professional networking?

Then the Dixre Podcast is an excellent place for you to get started.

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