How to Navigate School While Preparing for the Job Market

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How to Navigate School While Preparing for the Job Market

Are you a student passionate about tech but unsure how to navigate both school and your interests? Tune in to this episode of the Dixre Podcast for expert tips on juggling school while pursuing essential skills in tech.

Women in the Tech Industry

Most women see being in the tech industry as a guy thing and the few ones there feel kind of intimidated but in this fast-evolving world of technology, the tech industry is no longer exclusive to one gender but to both genders, and staying ahead means future-proofing your career. To do this while still in school, focus on acquiring tech skills, gaining hands-on experience through internships, and embracing lifelong learning. Cultivate soft skills like communication and teamwork, and engage in collaborative projects to showcase your abilities. As a female in any field, you can achieve anything and everything you want provided you put your mind to work. 

The Real Value Of Hands-On Experiences Like Industrial Attachments, Internships, and Projects.

I wasn’t paying for my IT at the INEC office, it was free but I chose to go to Dixre where I will pay because I wanted to learn. I’ve always wanted to learn Tech since I entered KASU when I chose computer science, I saw that my colleagues were into programming and I said I would try and do something similar for my IT but when I went to the INEC office they said they don’t code, they only write so I just said no this thing is not for me” -Salihat Balarabe

Hands-on experiences like internships and industrial attachments provide essential benefits for students’ growth. They offer practical application of knowledge, industry insights, skill development, networking, resume enhancement, confidence building, and career preparation. While some may resist paid training, the value gained surpasses the cost, ensuring a fruitful learning journey.

Essential Skills Students Need To Cultivate While Navigating School To Become Market-Ready.

I’ve met a couple of people who want to learn how to program and the first thing they start talking about is how much they think they will make and at the end of the day they end up not even gaining the skills they need and if the skill is not there nobody’s going to pay you a dime” -Samaila Chatto Bashir

As an intern in any field, prioritize learning, networking, and hands-on experience instead of focusing on what you will be paid. Pay attention to understanding company culture, building relationships with colleagues, seeking mentorship, and actively contributing to projects. Embrace feedback, demonstrate initiative, and showcase your skills and dedication to make the most of the internship opportunity.

 Strategies for Balancing Stringent Academic Schedules With Career Preparation. 

I had to prioritize which one to do first. I’m in  school because of the certificates and a good job at the end, and I got the job with ease, so even at that point I had to weigh between going to school and working but I felt I had to choose which one was more important and working was more important and I was still able to keep my grades while working and schooling” -Salihat Balarabe

To balance your academic schedules with your career, you must learn how to prioritize tasks, manage time wisely, set realistic goals, seek support from relevant people, use available resources, develop transferable skills, stay organized, and maintain a healthy balance.

Some Challenges One is Likely to Face During the Phase of Schooling and Working 

While learning how to program there were times when I felt like this was too difficult for me especially when I’m trying to develop something and I get bugs and am trying to correct it for like 2-3 days and it gives me a headache and then am like what is happening but at the end I get it all fixed”- Salihat Balarabe

Balancing school and work comes with many challenges, from keeping up with technology to managing time to technical complexity, career development, and the tech industry culture. But if there is one thing that has always worked when it comes to overcoming challenges in a particular field, it is having a passion for what you are doing at that very moment. As a developer, you will always have bugs when programming and when you don’t have passion for what you are doing you will get tired and give up.

Approach To Continuous Learning 

After my IT, Learning didn’t stop. I’m a curious person, so I wanted to keep learning, I wanted to keep developing my skills, so I kept taking more courses, reading books, watching videos, and then trying to practice each day. I also learned from mentors, so basically let’s say it’s consistency that  brought me to where I am today” -Salihat Balarabe

For anyone, who is interested in picking up a soft skill, things you must adopt are continuous learning through online courses, focusing on specializing in a particular field of interest. Engage in hands-on projects, network with professionals, consider internships, and seek feedback for growth. This proactive approach enhances tech skills while balancing educational pursuits.

Parting Advice

Learn the basics of computer science then you can learn design but you have to be creative,  you have to know some kind of art and all.  I don’t really know anything about art but I’m someone who likes to design things and know this, you don’t rush in programming. You can now move to coding, start with the basics of all coding HTML and CSS and so from there just don’t rush your learning process, just take it step by step and when you feel you are good to go with another thing then you move. Also, know that you don’t need a degree before you can start” -Salihat Balarabe

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